Where could we go from here?

This page is an open-ended conversation on what a GC women’s ministry could look like– especially what New Christian Woman could offer. Have an idea? See a need?

Join the brainstorming!

10 thoughts on “Where could we go from here?

  1. Idea: weekly women’s group material.

    A weekly post designed for GC women’s classes/ groups to use as materials for discussion. Like a few paragraphs of an applicable quote. Maybe with some questions.

  2. Idea: weekly TEEN girls group material

    I ran a teen girls religion class on and off for a few years and accumulated so many amazing materials. Would love to organize it into small sections that can be used for a weekly teen girls class.

    1. Dear Eden
      I’m rather late but I only joined now thanks to a post from a wonderful family friend. I have a 12 year old daughter and would love to see your idea blossom. I live four hours drive from our nearest New Church congregation in northern South Africa so it would help wonderfully to have some material for her to read and for us to discuss. I struggle to organise formal religious “classes” for my kids and feel desperately that they need more guidance than I am managing to give them. I very much enjoyed reading some of the articles you posted…especially the one about being “boxed”. Thank you!

  3. A friend suggested to me – maybe a section, or a series of articles about beauty and self care tips, but with a good focus and balance that works with the spiritual focus of the page?

    1. I’ve thought about asking a couple clever health-minded girls to write about women’s bodies etc. it would be nice to include some articles on beauty as well… Any ideas on good writers for those topics?

      1. I also, like Bronwyn, see a need for isolated children to use their “devices” they love so much !! to make contact with other new church children /teens their age and enrich their screen time !!
        My granddaughter is 9 going on teens!! and would greatly benefit by a girls NC blog.
        We have no minister, and a very small group, and live in the most isolated city in the world…..Perth Australia.There are many other NC kids in Australia who are isolated too.

        I discovered this women’s blog by chance today ( Divine Providence actually) so look forward to the creation of a children’s blog.

  4. My late wife, Caroline Lester was an ardent reader of your New Christian Woman magazine but now that she has passed on, her subscription is now reaching me. Whilst I have found some of your articles very interesting, I realise that these are geared more towards woman issues and are best left with you kind ladies.

    I did not want to be rude and request an UNSUBSCRIBE so I ask that future issues of New Christian woman be suspended from her e-mail address at carolineroyale@icloud.com.

    Keep up the good work.

    Brian Lester

    1. Dear Brian,
      Thank you for your message and our deepest heartfelt condolences on the passing of dear Caroline into the Spiritual World. You and she were integral members of the New Church Westville society and you are both missed. We will remove her name from our mailing list forthwith.
      With love,
      Anne Waters, Abby Smith & Eden Lumsden

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