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Catherine (Steen) Lykins grew up in Michigan in the Oak Arbor New Church congregation. She and her husband, Rob, currently live in Atlanta, GA where she teaches high school chorus at a public high school. She loves her job and is deeply invested in the students she gets to sing with every day. Catherine also loves to run, sings with the Atlanta Symphony Chorus, enjoys scrapbooking and often helps her husband fly his hot air balloon!


Religious denominations are fascinating to me. All are based on a similar foundation, yet have unique formal traditions. I have lived in multiple places, and have gotten involved with many different denominations. Learning the different belief systems has confirmed my belief in the New Church teachings, while making me curious about New Church structure.

Other church denominations I have experienced have consistency from congregation to congregation. Meaning that the programs in place in these church denominations span all congregations. Service structure, study materials, youth programs, mission trip programs, etc. all line up from church group to church group. So, if someone were to move to a new area and go to that same denomination church in their new town, they would know the structure they are walking into.
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