My Experience of Grief

Grief: it’s personal and important and difficult. You have to be present and tough
and vulnerable all at the same time. It’s exhausting and draining and yet essential to
healing. I have been living with grief for 5 years now. My husband of 24 years
passed into the Spiritual World after suffering a massive heart attack in 2011.

The beginning was the worst for me. The shock was numbing and terrifying. The
fear: how was I going to do this thing called life without him? How was I going to
raise our children without a father? How could I be a dad as well as a mom, what
did this mean to me emotionally, physically and financially? Who was I if I wasn’t
a wife?
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A Tiny Taste of Ghana

The New Christianity exists all over the world and across many diverse cultures. Aisha Peltier shares some glimpses of one of these places–her home country of Ghana.

I’m originally from Ghana– a country in West Africa.

Ghana has a vibrant set of cultures centered around our 10 regions. Each of these 10 regions has their own way of life which includes traditional dialect, dressing, food etc; which helps to maintain Ghana’s unique identity. But the country’s official language is English. Continue reading A Tiny Taste of Ghana

He’s Got Our Backs

I had a dream, the other night – a very real dream! I awoke with these images floating through my head, and, after pondering them a moment, hurriedly thanked the Lord for guiding me and protecting me against such scenarios. I worked throughout the day to flush my brain of those recurring images – those hells liked to keep reminding me, dragging me down, I could tell! However, it was neat to be able to stand back and envision the evil spirits, doing just that; bringing those images back into my consciousness, rejoicing over the emotions they would evoke in me. It was helpful to be able to remove myself from the situation and see it from what may have been the Lord’s perspective. So, again and repeatedly I bid those spirits adieu and thanked the Lord for supporting me through the process.
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Reinventing Traditions

This year as I looked out over our congregation’s New Church Day celebration, I marvelled at how my church has adapted this celebration for our unique situation. Ten years ago I may have protested against changing the traditions that I held close to my heart. It’s not just the traditions that have changed, it’s my perspective. Let me describe the tradition that I held so dear.
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