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Denielle lives in her home town of Rochester MI. She moved back in 2010, and is an active part of the Oak Arbor community. Her three young children attend the New Church School, and she volunteers as one of the the leaders for the Sunday School program at the Church. She has always adored children and has a passion for birth and creation. She has been a doula, or birth assistant since she finished high school, although her main focus currently is raising her children with love and integrity. Prior to moving, Denielle and her late husband Jason lived near Bryn Athyn PA, where their little family was started. She worked for the early religion childhood program and enjoyed being a wife and mother. Today she is a single parent, and works for local families, baby-sitting and gardening. She spends free time (if that even exists) reading, playing music, enjoying friends, her children and nature.

Two Poems

Here are two poems I would like to share. My “Sprouting Poem” was written this week while I was in a state of physical retraction from the cold of this Fall season bearing down on me. Often when my body slows down, it clenches up in a desperate attempt to keep warm. This tightening is accompanied by an overactive mind looking for comfort but unwilling to quiet down. I did not want to merely put my thoughts to rest or dismiss them, but rather I want to let them string themselves out like a chain of beads that then coils up in a basket when they have finally exhausted themselves. I am so relieved when my thoughts come to rest in the realization that God must be in charge because I cannot possibly manage this without Him. Continue reading Two Poems

Praying For Connection

Wondering. I am not sure what I have to give, but I believe it will unfold as I ease into these keys. I do know with some certainty a few lovely things about you and me. I know you are reading my words, and that you can pause whenever you like. I know we are under the same sky as every one else on earth, breathing the same air and full of life. And I know that you are beautiful.

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