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Juliet was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Polish father and an African and Native American mother. She was raised in a strict Catholic household but as she got older, began research into other religions and found herself most comfortable with the beliefs of the New Church religion. Juliet is happily married to her best friend, Anders, who she met at Arcadia University. They live together with their daughter Desiree in Kempton. Juliet loves her responsibilities as a wife and a mother and spends her free time volunteering for a domestic abuse shelter. She has a passion for working outside, the dental field and fashion and continues to strive in learning yoga and mingling with the idea of becoming fully vegan. She has an obsession with music, especially The Beatles, and continues to debate that music sounds best on vinyl records. She loves to snowboard, play badminton and watch her favorite soccer team, Brazil, during World Cup soccer, every four years. She looks at daily life with much humor and sometimes finds herself pretty much smiling and laughing throughout all moments of life, especially the awkward ones.

The Lord’s Help with Forgiveness

I wore my hair down and natural for the first time in public in eleven years this past November. With this event, I realized, with the Lord’s help, that I had more fully forgiven the people from my past who caused me to keep my hair up for so many years.

I grew up in a strict Catholic home with an extremely mentally and physically abusive father. I do not blame the Lord for this. It’s just my story. Everyone has a story. My siblings and I had a rough childhood. We did not do the typical “normal” kid things. We weren’t allowed to go to or have sleepovers. We weren’t allowed to go or have birthday parties. We did not go out to eat as a family or with other families. We did not take a yearly summer family vacation. We did not do any of that. Once again, I do not blame the Lord for this and I do not believe the Lord put us in this to test us, or because He thought we could take it this is just where we ended up.
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