Who we are

New Christian Woman endeavors to provide a positive, safe, and inspiring outlet for women interested in the New Christianity.

A new article is posted every Wednesday.

Our Writers are a collection of women from around the world who are members of the General Church of the New Jerusalem. We each may have our personal soapboxes we like to stand on from time to time, but all of us desire community.

We want to kindle friendships, share ideas, and offer and receive support from other women who are trying to live their lives with the Lord God Jesus Christ as their guide.

Whether discussing weighty matters of religion or the trivia of the daily drudge, we at
New Christian Woman strive to celebrate all things feminine.

Contact us at newchristianwoman@gmail.com

A special thank you to the very talented Ayisha Synnestvedt for the beautiful artwork she created for this blog.



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  1. Thank you for providing a way to better understand my self and others. I appreciate the time and effort provided in this way to encourage a better relationship with Our Lord.

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