A Special Thank You

I would like to give credit to the very talented Ayisha Synnestvedt who created the gorgeous pastel artwork especially for this blog. The beautiful image is of a woman inside the Holy City New Jerusalem. Wow! Thank you, Ayisha!

About Eden Lumsden

Eden is loving wife to Derrick Lumsden and full-time mother to five little men and one little lady. She grew up attending the New Church of Phoenix, went to the GC College, married a priest and was promptly shipped off with him to Africa. They spent 6yrs enjoying the people and culture at the Westville New Church, near Durban, South Africa before returning to the USA in 2014. They currently live in Kempton, Pennsylvania where they dabble in self-sufficiency, homeschool their boys, and scheme of ways to help the Church. Eden finds the True Christian teachings about women and marriage to be particularly profound.

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