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My name is Carey Foord and I was born and raised in the New Church. I attended Kainon School, the New Church School in South African and have been an avid supporter of New Church Education all my life. I got married in 1987 to a dissatisfied Catholic boy named Michael and dragged him into the New Church. We raised both out children in the New Church where they attended Kainon School for their primary education. in 2011 at the age of 50 I lost Michael to a massive heart attack. It's been the greatest loss of my life and is something I still struggle to understand. I am currently working at New Church Westville in administration and it's a blessing o come to work everyday. My daughter Chelsea and her husband Chris are expecting their first baby so i am delighted to become a grandmother.

My Experience of Grief

Grief: it’s personal and important and difficult. You have to be present and tough
and vulnerable all at the same time. It’s exhausting and draining and yet essential to
healing. I have been living with grief for 5 years now. My husband of 24 years
passed into the Spiritual World after suffering a massive heart attack in 2011.

The beginning was the worst for me. The shock was numbing and terrifying. The
fear: how was I going to do this thing called life without him? How was I going to
raise our children without a father? How could I be a dad as well as a mom, what
did this mean to me emotionally, physically and financially? Who was I if I wasn’t
a wife?
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