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Rebecca lives in the Kempton New Church Society in Pennsylvania. She grew up in the Mitchellville, MD society, then moved to Bryn Athyn, PA to complete her highschool and college education where she earned a bachelor's degree in New Church Elementary Education, and met her husband Jordan Cooper, who currently teaches in the Kempton New Church School. Rebecca runs a New Church preschool out of her home, and is predominately occupied in raising three young girls. Rebecca and her husband Jordan take delight in running a theater company together in the summer that specializes in providing classic theater for children and their families.

The Universal Church

There is a billboard that is up around my small hometown in several places. It’s just a pithy electrical business, but my children always have their eyes out for it. Every major and minor holiday, the man on the billboard gets decorated: a Santa hat for Christmas, a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day, an “I Love Mom” shirt for Mother’s Day. It’s thrilling.

The other day we were driving into “the city”(nearby town with an approximate population of 4,300) and we passed the billboard. With much excitement, we noticed the man was dressed for Father’s Day. But my six-year-old asked, “Why isn’t he dressed for New Church Day?” I had to muffle my laughter as I thought of how to respond: “Well, not everyone knows about New Church Day.” And that’s where the conversation ended. But I’ve been thinking about that conversation since.
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When Brains Turn to Mush: Is There Spiritual Hope for Young Mothers?

I have the mental capacity of a preschooler. This may come as a shock to those of you who knew me in my glory days of brainhood. You know, those days of late nights, straight A’s, Bachelor’s degrees, Deans Lists…The Thinking Times. Now, I’m a mother. I have no use for such things. My children have no use for such things. They do not care if I could write curriculum, prattle on about Early American History, or write music with triads. They want dinner. NOW.

Are you worried for my spiritual state? You shouldn’t be. Because though my brain is mush, the Lord is actually able to reach me much better in my current state than He could while I was cramming for exams. While I was doing “that thinking thing”. So much thinking. When you are surrounded by children, the Lord’s truths are obvious and brilliant and clear. Meditation isn’t necessary to feel His presence. You are bombarded by it like your baby’s foot to your head at 6 in the morning: “HEY. I’m HERE.” And it’s beautiful.
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