Boiling It Down

For many years I’ve really liked the analogy of being able to boil things down, to get to the heart of an experience or interaction. To come to the center of an idea or feeling, to a point where all of the water of confusion or disconnection is able to evaporate, and you’re left with the core of what’s going on. The center or the seed.

Imagine two people who are coming home after a hard day. It could be two adults, or friends, or a parent and child. They both hope to connect but are feeling overwhelmed and layered with frustration, resentment, or expectations, and the good desire to connect and feel safe is buried. When the two people start to interact it is likely that their movements and their choice of words will be caked down by irritations that distort the good love of connecting. If either of the two can begin to calm themselves and be a little thoughtful and have at least a small heart of gratitude, they can both begin to shift and work through these heavy layers. They can eventually be able to say, “oh, I see where you are coming from and what you’re going through, and I love you.” They can grow in their understanding of each other and find a good connection.

When I remember to regard others with respect and believe that they are doing the best they can with what they have, it is easier to love them and work to understand and connect with them in an honest way.

Love is what I want to get to after boiling down to the core. The Lord is love, and I believe that the Lord is present within everything around us and inside us, although He is sometimes not obvious. I want to get to this loving center, which is God in everything.

When I look for love in the center of each person I see during the day, and each thing I touch, and each thought or feeling I experience, it helps shine light and clear away chaos. This chaos wants to grab hold of good things and twist them until the good is almost unrecognizable. Working hard to unfold into the love, and boil away the negativity is so freeing. Love want us to be free and wants us to be connected.

About Denielle

Denielle lives in her home town of Rochester MI. She moved back in 2010, and is an active part of the Oak Arbor community. Her three young children attend the New Church School, and she volunteers as one of the the leaders for the Sunday School program at the Church. She has always adored children and has a passion for birth and creation. She has been a doula, or birth assistant since she finished high school, although her main focus currently is raising her children with love and integrity. Prior to moving, Denielle and her late husband Jason lived near Bryn Athyn PA, where their little family was started. She worked for the early religion childhood program and enjoyed being a wife and mother. Today she is a single parent, and works for local families, baby-sitting and gardening. She spends free time (if that even exists) reading, playing music, enjoying friends, her children and nature.

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