Building and Re-Building Community

This week I wanted to explore some ideas Community. I really longed to talk to people in person about it, though, so decided to try something different and use videos! I hope the technology all works and you’re easily able to enjoy this collection of videos from a few of the women whose ideas about community encourage me.

Anne W.
Taryn 2

Anne G.
Anne G. part 2

About Abby Smith

Abby is a person. She works at being an emotionally intelligent person whose main focus currently is being a happy and loving mother to four kids and wife to Malcolm. Born and raised in a General church minister's family, she has been exposed to the Bible and the Writings since childhood but is enjoying reading and understanding these books as an adult more and more. The amazing knowledge about love and wisdom and all of the emotions that follow have truly made her a happier and more self-assured person.

2 thoughts on “Building and Re-Building Community

  1. Thank you Abby. This was really interesting.
    I loved seeing Anne rocking her babe in arms as she spoke. This week I have been realizing how much I miss holding babies. Prior to the pandemic, the church community was a time to hold other people’s babies, and to enjoy the little children, now that my own nest is empty. It’s one of the communities I am missing the most right now, the casual after-church social time to see and connect with others.
    I am super grateful these days for the internet and being able to see and talk with friends and family! Staying connected while being unable to be physically present has been so important. Thanks, again.

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