The Life Within

From the Artist: “The overarching theme is that external feelings are irrelevant to internal truths. In this piece, the external feelings are represented by the positive and negative words displayed on the outside of the pregnant woman’s stomach. The internal truth is the baby growing inside the woman. This piece is to speak to the feelings or thoughts that may occur when a woman becomes pregnant, and to show that the most relevant thing is the presence of the precious and sacred human life that is growing inside the pregnant woman.”

4 thoughts on “The Life Within

  1. Such a beautiful representation of all that is going on with a pregnancy, both external and internal. Truly a miracle!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Alisha! I didn’t know you were working in clay. It’s lovely careful loving work and the images and shapes send a powerful message. Even more powerful to me, knowing how much you love children!

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