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There is a spiritual meaning throughout the Word and in all its details. “ (Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture 9)

On each day of my working life as a proofreader I looked closely at words. Now that enjoyable task has re-entered my life, and in the past few months I’ve been pondering on the associations between three word-related things I do every day.

1. Each morning, my husband and I play Wordle on his iPad. At first it’s a total guess as to what that day’s 5-letter word will be. We usually figure it out well within the six tries that players are allowed.

2. Then we move on to Connections, where we must arrange 16 words into 4 groups of 4 associated words. This is trickier, and is heavily weighted to American thinking, culture, expressions etc. We’re getting better at it, even if we don’t really always ‘get’ the connections the game makes.

3. Finally, if time allows, I’ll spend a while proofreading an assigned part of the digitised version of Potts’ Concordance. (Early in 2024 I joined a growing team of people working on this particular aspect of the New Christian Bible Study project.) 

Like the game Connections, Potts’ Concordance has many closely associated words. It goes alphabetically through terms used in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Writings. I love this proofreading work! It gets me deep into what words / phrases used in the Bible mean on a correspondential level, and also shows where to find further references and explanations for words used in the Writings themselves. Even if I don’t always ‘get’ what is being said (which does happen quite often), surely my soul is learning!

Isn’t it true that when someone reads the Word, their associate angels understand the deeper levels of what is being read, even if the person grasps only the very natural level? When children hear the literal stories of the Word, don’t their angels understand the deeper meanings of those stories? Well, I came across this just yesterday (though I’ve used its most recent translation, not the English of the 1895 Potts’ Concordance): 

When young children know and think about this information and other information like it [i.e. details of stories in the Word], the angels with them think about the divine attributes represented and symbolized. Because the angels are moved by these thoughts, their emotion is communicated to the children, creating the pleasure and delight the children feel in such knowledge, and preparing their minds to receive genuine truth and goodness.
Secrets of Heaven 3665

This kind of link is not ‘visible’ to those in this world who are reading or hearing the Word. Yet it clearly happens, even if we are unaware of it. It shows why it’s so important to teach children stories from the Word!

In a seasonal bit of serendipity, the Easter season found me proofreading ‘Divine Human’. Shortly after that, working on ‘Kingdom of the Lord’ prompted a feeling that I was reading really important things; I could almost hear the angels rejoicing in what was being said there. An uncanny sensation of uplift in my very being….

Another thought. When we move on to the next world, communication is always in language we understand – it never needs a translator! Is that because real communication comes from the heart? And because love is at the very heart of communication, and the way of showing love is not always verbal?

Anyway, I like words, I like the connections between them, I like correct spelling. The fact that I am now focusing on these things to help the church, even in a small way, has added an unexpected bonus to my retirement years.

About Dale Morris

Dale grew up in Bryn Athyn. She moved to England as a young bride with her British husband. They raised their four children in the Cotswold village where they’ve lived for over 40 years. Dale fulfilled her childhood ambition to be a wife and mother, and when she finally discovered what else she wanted to be ‘when she grew up’, she spent ten years as a freelance proofreader. In retirement, she enjoys being a grandma, being involved in her community, and helping the church in the UK.

6 thoughts on “A Word in Your Ear…from Wordle > Connections > Potts’ Concordance

  1. I can so relate to your love of words and communication from my own editing and proof-reading experience with some of the Church materials. I will enjoy it even more after reading your thoughts as I will be thinking of the angels understanding and loving more deeply than I can. Thank you for this gift.

    It also reminds me of a friend saying that she read through the Word, even parts that she didn’t enjoy or understand like many parts of the Old Testament but she kept in mind that the angels were enjoying it and understanding and that she was helping make the connection between heaven and earth. Since then I have always kept that in mind through the Old Testament.

  2. Hi Dale. I didn’t know you were doing this job. Wonderful! You’re the perfect person for it I would think. I love words and their associations too. And reading the Writings. I love what you say about the uplift from simply have these ideas and words in your mind. (And heart!)

  3. Like Dale, I enjoy playing the game Connections in the NY Times website. And like Dale, lately I’ve been becoming aware that it’s angels sharing their good feelings with us that creates our good moods and allows us to think good thoughts. It’s so intricate and interesting to learn some about how the Lord creates us. Thanks for this essay.

  4. I also love words! It’s amazing to really think about the fact that each word in the Word has so many layers and affects people here and in the spiritual world! 🙂

  5. Such inspirational People in the community teach alot of helpful ideas.
    Keep to give the world what you have acquired from Heaven teachings.

  6. What fun and uplifting connections you’ve made to your daily word and Word-centered rituals! Thank you for sharing.

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