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Who Supplies the Answers Around Here, Me or the Lord?

I know that I am supposed to use my own mind and judgment to act. To make decisions. To live.

I also know that I have nothing, that I am weak, that I am nothing without the Lord. In every moment I need His help, for He is the only source of good and truth. None of it comes from me.

It’s a paradox. Two seemingly different things that somehow can both be true at the same time. In fact, the combination of these two things, played out daily in a balanced and practiced way, seem to me to make up the crux of our spiritual lives. Resolving this paradox is the key to our freedom and spiritual transformation. The Lord values our freedom to an extreme degree, and I think it is because He knows that we will be truly happy and have the greatest joy when we choose to accept His life with our whole selves. I guess in order for there to be variety, interest, and purpose in this life, we need variety in humans – variety in our talents and characteristics – so the more we are willing to BE ourselves and use our own unique qualities to serve the Lord, the more useful, perfect, and happy angels we can be.
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