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For Us All

The Lord, however, in all His conflicts brought about by temptations, never fought out of self-love, that is, for Himself, but for all throughout the universe. He did not fight therefore to become the greatest in heaven, for that is contrary to Divine love. He scarcely did so to become the least. He fought solely so that all others might become something and be saved, as He Himself also declares in Mark,

‘The two sons of Zebedee said, Grant us to sit in Your glory, one on Your right hand and the other on Your left. Jesus said, Whoever would be great among you must be your minister, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For the Son of Man also came not to be ministered to but to minister, and to give His life as the price of redemption for many.’ Mark 10:37, 43-45.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter, from all of us at New Christian Woman.

Chaste love for the Opposite Sex

Every few months we like to post a quote from the Word or Heavenly Doctrines and ask our readers how would they apply these words to their lives?

This week we are quoting from Married Love 55.6-7:

[6] Having heard these things, the angels crossly asked the spirits who were standing to the right, towards the south, to speak, and these spirits said, “There is a love between men, also a love between women, and there is the love of a man for a woman and the love of a woman for a man. And these three pairs of loves are completely different from each other. Continue reading Chaste love for the Opposite Sex

Something a bit different…

What does it mean to be a woman? What are we essentially? How are we different from men?

This week we are publishing an excerpt on these topics from the book Married Love (aka Conjugial Love) by Emmanuel Swedenborg and asking our readers to share their thoughts in comment form. The more variety of opinions, the more robust the conversation so if these passages strike you in any way, please join the discussion.

Married Love 32

A male is then still a male, and a female still a female. Since a person lives as a person after death, and people are male and female, and since it is one thing to be masculine and another to be feminine, with the two qualities being so different that one cannot be converted into the other, it follows that after death a male still lives as a male and a female still lives as a female, each of them being a spiritual person.
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