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Knitting Appreciation

1_Fingerless Glove

I’m not much of a knitter.  I can count on my fingers the knitting projects I have begun, and count on one hand the ones I have successfully completed, mostly thanks to sewing class in school.

But I’m fascinated with and appreciate all the little household arts and tasks that General Church women do, and how much these add to the lives of those around them. Sometimes it’s the mundane, daily tasks that bring a touch of heaven to those around us. The things women create need to be celebrated because they’re not the sorts of things that make headlines, and yet they represent the sphere in which we are nurtured.

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Roles of a Woman: Careers & Children

In writing this article about the role of a woman as a mother and as a career woman, I didn’t realise how much “stuff” it would dig up for me: “stuff” I am dealing with from the decision to have children, balancing that with my career, and then choosing to stay at home and assume the responsibilities that come with that.

For some, the decision to have children, to have a career, or to have both is clear. Some might ask, “What’s the big deal?”

For some, financial necessity makes it a non-decision. It has to be done and women find a way to make it work and balance out to the best of our abilities. For those who have the choice, like myself, finding the balance between having a career and raising children is not always so clear-cut, especially emotionally.

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Prepared as a Bride

Some of the first passages of the Bible I memorized and learned as a child were the last chapters of Revelation. For nearly as long as I can remember I have known the words about the “holy city, New Jerusalem… prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” (Revelation 21:3). Even as I memorised it I liked the imagery but didn’t understand the idea. 

My dad is a General Church pastor, and I have been raised with the ideas of the New Church.  The church organization has significantly affected the trajectory of my life since that is what dictated where my family lived.  I am now married to a General Church pastor, so still most of the major life decisions I’m making are directly affected by the church organization.  This impact hasn’t always been easy and tidy, and after years of ups and downs I have at times seriously questioned the benefits of a humanly established church organization. Recently I had a few things connect for me about the teachings of the church being the bride and wife that have helped me resolve some of these questions.

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